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WHO: All adults & youth sailors are welcome!

WHAT: Sunfish Racing

WHEN: Every Wednesday & Saturday starting 1:30 PM (June 30th – August 14th)

WHERE: Crooked Lake Yacht Club Docks

Note: Boats are available if you do not own a sunfish

The CLYC has sponsored sailboat races - and occasionally regattas - on Crooked Lake for decades. You do not have to be a member of the CLYC to participate in the races.  However, all racers should register with the Starter and sign a release before racing (with a signature by a parent for participants under 18 years of age who are not Crooked Lake Sailor students.) 

An important part of the Crooked Lake Sailors Youth Classes includes an introduction to sailboat racing. Many find competitive racing in a safe and relaxed environment effectively improves their sailing skills. With instructor approval, registered students may use CLS sunfish to participate.

While all sailors are expected to conform to The Racing Rules of Sailing, many participants who are learning to sail and race just want to have a good time! Racing experience is not needed to participate.   Ribbons are awarded for youth place finishes, and an award is given each year to the winners of the Adult and Youth series.

If you are new to the sport, it is advisable to know your limits when the wind picks up. If you tip and have trouble righting the boat, a safety boat is usually able to assist you. However, all sailors participate at their own risk. 

If the Racing Committee Boat detects lightning or other hazardous weather, it and all safety boats will sound a horn 3 times, which means the race is cancelled and all boats should proceed to the nearest landing.


The Starting line is in front of the CLYC.

 The Starter will announce the course before each race that includes one or more of the 3 buoys that form a triangle: 

     Buoy 1 is toward Conway, usually off Graham Point

     Buoy 2 is toward the middle of the lake, in line with the starting line

     Buoy 3 is toward Oden Island/Oden Park, close to the large Sandbar

Starts are via whistles:  3 long whistles = 3 minutes to start; 2 long whistles = 2 minutes to start; 1 long whistle = 1 minute to start; 1 long and 3 short whistles = 1 minute 30 seconds to start; 3 short whistles = 30 seconds to start; 2 short whistles = 20 seconds to start; 1 short whistle = 10 seconds to start; the last 5 seconds each get 1 short whistle; long whistle = start of race.

The wide variety of winds on Crooked Lake keep the races interesting and present an opportunity for all to do well.

We look forward to another summer of enjoyable sailing competition on the lake! 

Please contact CLYC Rear Commodore Mike Graham (graham_mb@yahoo.com) for more information or any questions.

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